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Pediatric Conference 12-15 December 2003

December 12 th
  Karpin L.E. Welcome reception 10.00-10.10
1 Akhmina N.A. professor Perinatology as the basis of the future child’s health (Moscow) 10.10-11.50
Break 11.50-12.00
2 Doskin V.A. professor Seven-year-stages of child’s development. Human being and the wealth of opportunities. From the birth up to seven-year-old. Proportions of newborn. It’s development and it’s anomalies. Disharmonious child. Meaning of the head. Energy of the growth and imitation. Posture, standing and it’s first steps. Speech and thinking. Appearance of the first teeth. Appearance of “selfness”. Body’s proportions up to the seventh year. (Moscow) 12.00-13.00
3. Koshechkin D.V. Age’s periods from the point of view of physiology, psychology and anthroposophy. Physiological and psychological age standards of the different periods. Age crises of the childhood. (Sankt-Peterburg) 13.00-14.00
Break 14.00-14.40
4 Volodko E.A. Dysfunctions of the maturing and disproportional development of the urinary system as the necessary component in the diagnosis “immature child” (Moscow) 14.40-15.10  
5 Volodko E.A. Problems of the sexual differentiation in the childhood (Moscow) 15.10-15.40
6 Goncharova V.A. Breastfeeding as psychological unity of the mother and the child (Zelenograd) 15.40-16.00
Break 16.00-16.10
7 Djakova V.P. Controllable and uncontrollable infections (Moscow) 16.10-16.40
8 Rolik I.S. professor Organotreatment-inductors and correctors in the postnatal ontogenesis: “working-out” (Moscow) 16.40-17.30
December 13th
1 Gargtshenko M.V. professor,
Tiunov C.V.
The proof of the usage of the complex homeopathic remedies for prophylaxis of the infectious diseases of the respiratory system (Moscow) 10.00-10.20
2 Nevedova L.N. Outlook for application of the organotreatment in pediatrics (Moscow) 10.20-11.10
Break 11.40-11.50
3 Djakova V.P. Immunology of the herpetic infections: pathogenesis and diagnosis (Moscow) 11.50-12.30
4 Aganezova G.S. Actual problems of the lung phthisis in the childhood (Moscow) 12.30-13.10
5 Opanasenko A.S. Notes made by the phthisiopediatrist (Moscow) 13.10-13.30
6 13.30-14.00
Break 14.00-14.40
7 Golosnaja G.S. Basic problems of the diagnosis and therapy of the children with the perinatal disturbance of the brain (Moscow) 14.40-15.20.
8 Beloblovski V.I.. Actual neurological problems in the childhood. Physiological reflexes and pathological signs. Homeopathic treatment in the childhood (Kiev) 15.20-15.50
9 Krivosheeva T.G. Experiences of the application organotreatment in the correction of the consequences of the intoxications and injures of the brain in the childhood (Sankt-Peterburg) 15.50-16.50
Break 16.50-17.00
10 Rastorguev D.V. Review and analysis of the pediatric literature. Pediatrics in the repertories: Analysis of the pediatric rubrics in the different repertories. Homeopathic library program’s application as a reference book in usage of the homeopathic remedies in therapy and pediatrics. (Moscow) 17-00-17.20
11 Ostrovski A.Z. Peculiarities of the homeopathic treatment in the early childhood and during pregnancy (Moscow) 17.20-17.40.
12 Markova M.A. The treatment of the lactose insufficiency in the early childhood (Moscow) 17.40-18.00
December 14th
1 Gavrilova I.M. Treatment of the children with low level of health (Moscow) 10.00-10.20
2 Kovaljova O.B. Neurosis and neurosis like diseases. Restlessness in the childhood with attention deficit syndrome 10.20-11.00
3 Vasiliev U.V. Dermatology in the pediatrics 11.00-12.00
Break 12.00-12.10
4 Astafjeva I.V. Rickets as the manifestation of the disturbance of the mineral metabolism. Treatment of the rickets and it’s prophylaxis (Moscow) 12.10-12.40
5 Morozova V.I. Verbal and averbal signs of the homeopathic remedy in the pediatrics (Moscow) 12.40-13.10
6 Kovaleva O.B. Peculiarities of the homeopathic interview and treatment of the nurslings. Diseases of the early childhood. (Sankt-Peterburg) 13.10-14.00
Break 14.00-14.40
7 Vasiliev U.V. Miasms from the point of view of the modern medicine. (Sankt-Peterburg) 14.40-15.10
8 Hutsol L.P., Hutsol N.S. Bronchial asthma in the childhood: influence of the pregnancy. Homeopathic treatment (Vinnitsa) 15.10-15.40
9 Kubasheva N.A. Cases’s analysis of the homeopathic treatment of the bronchial asthma. (Ishevsk-Moscow) 15.40-16.10
Break 16.10-16.20
10 Zaks I.A. Acute states in the childhood and their treatment by homeopathic remedies (Moscow) 16.20-16.40
11 Konorova E,V. Orphan’s remedies (Moscow) 16.40-17.20
12 Dvorjanchikov V.V. Clinical signs of the sycosis and psora in the childhood and the way of their treatment (Toliatty) 17.20-18.00
December 15 th
1 Radomskaja N.A. Inherited syphilis and luetismus. Luetic stigmas in the childhood. Analysis of the luetic homeopathic remedies in the pediatrics (Moscow) 11.00-12.00
2 Ponomarenko L.S. Asthma in the childhood. Methodology of the treatment (Chelyabinsk) 12.00-12.30
3 Hutsol L.P., Hutsol N.S. Homeopathic treatment of the incorrect osteogenesis (Vinnitsa) 12.30-13.00
4 Hutsol L.P., Hutsol N.S. Consequences of the deprivation in the childhood and it’s homeopathic correction (Vinnitsa) 13.00-13.30
Break 13.30-14.10
5 Ureneva O.N. Tuberculinismus and consumption. Tuberculinismus today. The experience of the application of the tuberculinic remedies and Tuberculinum bovinum (Astrakhan) 14.10-14.50
6. Kuzmenko T.S. The share of the theory and the practice of the activation therapy in the pediatrics (Rostov-na-Donu) 14.50-15.20
7. Lurje L.E. Prescribing the homeopathic remedy “Limenites” in the atopic dermatitis case of the child 6 months old (Moscow) 15.20-15.40
8. Phatula O.A. Prescribing the homeopathic remedy “Limenites” in the atopic dermatitis case of the child 6 months old (Moscow) 15.40-16.00
Break 16.00-16.10
9. Zemljanski A.I. Miasmatic approach in the skin disease’s treatment in the childhood (Chelyabinsk) 16.10-16.40
10. Kusnetsova L.L. Homeopathic aspects in the pediatric neurology (Nizhni Novgorod) 16.40-17.00

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