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About the Site

The site “Homeopathy World” www.homeopatica.ru ( formerly – www.doctor.ru/homeopat) has existed since1999. It is the biggest Russian language site on homeopathy on the Internet. The site is a rich resource of information: there are more than 900 items of material on homeopathy. Subscription to the site newsletters is available.. The site is visited by 300-400 people every day. The information is updated weekly.

There are 2 programs offered on the site: an educational program for the general public and patients and a professional development program.

The objective of the educational program is to popularize homeopathy, to give an insight into the principles of homeopathy, its philosophy and the effects of homeopathic remedies and to distribute informational materials.

The educational program page contains sections on

1 – principles of homeopathy

2 – history of homeopathy

3 – questions and answers

4 – specialist pages with articles on homeopathy written by doctors from the Center

5 – chapters from popular homeopathic handbooks

6 – a list of the complex homeopathic remedies permitted for use in Russia

7 – addresses of homeopathic clinics in different cities in the CIS

8 – Russian homeopathic web links.

The program for professionals is aimed at creating a forum for professional communication on the Web, the publication of professional materials and reviews, and information on events in the world of homeopathy.

The page on the professional development program contains the following sections:

1 – Magazine:

  • Materials from pre-Revolutionary Russian publications

  • Leading figures in homeopathy

  • Cases

  • Clinical homeopathy

  • World homeopathic schools

  • Translations

  • Articles and debates

2 – Reference materials

  • Seminars and conferences

  • Books

  • Remedies

  • Software

3 – Forum

4 – Training

5 – Software

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Мир гомеопатии
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